🍃 🫖 agroforestry ingredients 🍃 🫖

New packaging for a tea line with agroforestry ingredients inspired by the Amazon, by @vivaregenera.

Guayusa, a leaf native to the Amazon rainforest, is high in caffeine and is a natural source of energy. During the research to create the graphic project, we discovered that tea from the Guayusa’s leaf was used by indigenous peoples at dawn, during dream interpretation rituals.

The curves and sharp entrances of the Ouroboros type have been distorted to assume the shape of the Guayusa treetops. The hallucinogenic look of the Basteleur font (both from @velvetyne foundry), combined with bright saturated colors and organic shapes, creates playful vibes for the packaging, as in a vivid dream.

Thank you, and come back soon!
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